Soil Test Analysis

Basic Soil Fertility (BSF)
Soil pH (1:1), Buffer pH, Organic matter (%), Cation exchange capacity/sum of the cations (meq/100g), Phosphorus (ppm P), Phosphorus Saturation Ratio, Potassium (ppm K), Calcium (ppm Ca), Magnesium (ppm Mg), Cation base saturations. The BSF with graph ($12.00) includes sodium (Na) with cation base saturation graphs.
Sandy Loam Special (SLS)
BSF plus: Sulfur (ppm SO4-S), Manganese (ppm Mn), Zinc (ppm Zn), Boron (ppm B). SLS with graphic report
Complete Soil Fertility (CSF)    
SLS plus: Copper (ppm Cu), Iron (ppm Fe), Sodium (ppm Na), Aluminum (ppm Al) Soluble Salts (mmho/cm), Nitrate (ppm NO3-N), recommendations and sufficiency graphic report.
Wildlife Food Plot
BSF with sufficiency graph and recommendations for perennial clover and small grain/hay mixed crop.
BSF, Nitrate (NO3-N) + Ammonium (NH4-N)

SLS, Nitrate (NO3-N) + Ammonium (NH4-N)

Soil Nitrate (PSNT) Nitrate & Ammonium

Soil Texture by Hydrometer
% sand, % silt, % clay and USDA soil classification.
ASTM Highway Soil Specifications
Mehlich III nutrients, pH, soluble salts, % OM, soil texture + particle size separation
Particle Size Separation
% retained + % passing
Crop reccommendations available

Additional Test Items
Total N, total P, Solvita soil health, Modified Morgan extraction, water extraction, dissolved phosphorus, saturated paste.