Outsourced & Misc. By AgroLab-Matrix

Nematode Assay Test (E204) $40.00
Lesion, root-knot, soybean cyst, tobacco cyst, stubby root, dagger, stunt, spiral, lance, ring, sting, sheath
USDA Seed Germination (E205) $30.00
Pesticide Testing (per compound)
PAH ($299), PCB ($105), COD ($91), Glyphosate (soil $465, plant $330), 2-4-D ($345), Paraquat ($403)
Step Probe $75
Plated one piece step probe for soil colection
Food Safety Services
Matrix Sciences provides complete food safety services to include lab analysis, data tracking, consultaion and recall management. Labs are throughout the US and can be facilitated by AgroLab-Matrix. Call for more information.