Frist Time Submitting Samples


How do I Create an account with AgroLab?

  • Print off the New Customer Account Form, fill it out and send in with samples. Once your account is created on our end, you will be able to use the email address on the account to create a login in on the website.


How do I submit a sample?

  • See How to Submit Soil Samples for instructions on how to send in your samples for testing as well as How to Fill Out Sample Form for assistance in filling out our forms. The form you will need to bring in with your samples is labeled Soil Submittion Form.


Is there a different way to submit a bulk amount of samples?

  • There are two options; one is to use the Bulk Sample Excel Submittal form which is an excel fill that you can fill out like normal and email us the final copy. The second option is to use the online portal under Pre-Submit Sample Data and print out the QR code that is produced when completed.


What form do I fill out if my sample is not soil?

  • If you plan on sending in a plant tissue samples, please use the Plant Sample Form.

  • If you plan on sending in a manure, compost, water, fertilizer, environmental, wastewater, or a slurry sample, please use the MISC Sample Form.


What test should I get for my lawn and/or garden sample?

  • Test code 152, a complete lawn and garden special for $22, and it comes with either lawn or garden recommendations. See Lawn and Garden Example Report for an example of the report you will be getting.


Do I have to pay when I send in my sample?

  • We will provide you with an invoice with your results in which you can either call and pay over the phone or send in a check. We do not process payments until our results go out.